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The best time to start automating your workflows was 2 years ago. The second best time is now.

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Oscar Collins
Founder & Growth Manager.
Despite the short amount of time, Oscar already helped generate 100.000 engaged followers and thousands of page likes for several start-up brands including Debricked, Refract, Pej, and many more.

In his spare time Oscar has organically built-up a personal community on Instagram account with over 15 000 followers - where he shares his opinions on design, fashion and lifestyle with the World.
Kevin Östlin
Front-end Developer & Product Management
Kevin is talented developer with background of management and digital implementation. From creating applications to setting up digital tools Kevin is highly tech savvy. Kevin has studied industrial management in Lunds university, one of the worlds most prestigious universities.
Laura Ochante
UX & UI Design Lead
Laura is an awarded UI & UX designer that leverages data in order to optimize websites and services. Laura has a digital marketing background from Hyper Island and has helped several companies scale both their internal and external customer relationships.

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Stockholm & Malmö
Swedish technologists based in the southern heart of Sweden but with a global office - the internet.

We constantly seek for people who want to challenge the traditional way of working within the business industry. With this said if you as well are a very curious individual please get in touch.

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We’re looking for a hungry person who wants to take on the role to help us further grow in our sales team.